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Raw Shetland Fleece - 4 lb 13 oz (Grace)

Raw Shetland Fleece - 4 lb 13 oz (Grace)

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2024 Fleece from Grace.  

Grace is a lovely fawn color.   She is the most shy of all the sheep and I rarely get to pet her unless I'm holding treats in my hand.  It's a shame, because her fleece is one of the softest!   


I heavily skirt my fleeces around the edge to remove any fiber that I personally would not use.


The correct weight of this fleece is 4 lbs 13 oz (77.2oz).    Price for raw fleece is $1 per ounce.


* All raw fleeces are shipped via UPS ground*


Please let us know if you need a Shave 'em to Save 'em sticker!


Garments made from Shetland wool can be next-to-the-skin soft scarves to warm, soft outerwear sweaters. It is a fine wool with crimp and is normally used for knitted garments with good memory such as stockings/socks, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, shawls, under clothing, and the famous Shetland sweaters. It is a 'longish' wool, around 3-6", depending on crimp. It is sometimes good for felting and some fleeces are very silky. As it is a heritage breed, there is quite a bit of diverseness found within the breed, especially in the colors and patterns that run the gamut of browns, blacks, greys, and white as well as spots and patterns. All in all, it is one of the premier handspinning fleeces to be found.   Our sheep range from a white (cream color) to Very dark brown.


  • Product Info

    Fiber comes from sheep and goats that live on farms.  We do our best to keep our animals clean, but they do lay in straw and hay, so you may occassionaly find a bit of vegetable matter (vm) in their locks or fleeces.

    We recommend using Unicorn Power Scour to wash your raw fleece.

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