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We have proudly been a dealer for Schacht for the past 2 years.  We firmly stand behind their mission and the quality of their products.  We chose them specifically for these reasons, and because they are a made in the USA company.  Regretfully, we have decided we are no longer able to offer their products.  Schacht, as many other companies in these times, have found it necessary to increase their prices in order to stay open.   Effective today (March 1st) there will be substantial increases on all product prices.  Additionally, they have seen noticeable increases in shipping times due to staff shortages.  As a small business, we keep very limited inventory and order as needed for customers.   With long wait times, it is not possible for us to meet the needs of our customer.  So, sadly, we will no longer be carrying Schacht products.   

All remaining Schacht products (below) in our inventory have been marked down 15%.  This markdown is from current retail price, before the 15-20% increase that Schacht made effective today.  We have limited quantities, so grab them quick!

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