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Spring is Coming!

Our weather has been extremely wet these past few weeks. Lots of rain means lots of mud. But it also means that the outdoor garden patch has had more to drink than if it had relied on me to water it. A few weeks back I planted garlic, white onions and red onions, and golden potatoes. Everything seems to be doing great. Today I noticed that the potatoes are just breaking through the ground. It’s always so exciting for me when I see that first growth.


Last month I also pruned the blueberry bush. I haven’t pruned it in a few years so I really had to cut a lot back. There were a lot of new growth cuttings, so I put them in a 5-gallon bucket of water and put it in the high tunnel. Today when I went out to water the citrus trees I noticed that they were all growing new leaves and already blooming!

I think I’ll be planting some bushes in the tunnel I’ve read that in our area we can get two harvests a year from bushes in the tunnel.

Blueberry Cuttings in Bloom

Now I just need to get everything in the tunnel planted. I’m late planting so I need to reevaluate what’s going in. The farmers market starts back up in April. I’m excited that outdoor markets will be happening again in our area this Spring! This year I will be participating in the Evans market In Columbia County. I’m hoping to have produce to sell...guess that means I need to get seeds in the ground!

What is your favorite produce to buy fresh at the market? Drop me a comment and let me know. Maybe I’ll try planting something new.

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