The Goat Fence 2

Ooops…I typed this up a while ago (June 13th) and forgot to post. ¬†So, I’ll post this as I type up the next post ūüôā

It’s hard to believe that this project took us less than a month. ¬†We had some help here and there, but for the most part Shawn did the bulk of putting this fence up. ¬†That man amazes me every day – to work a 40+ work week then come home to do this¬†–¬†I am blessed beyond words.

May 1 Рthe future goat pasture.  We plan to fence in about an acre and half.  Almost all is trees and blackberry bushes which we hope will last the goats at least the first year with us.


We had to bush hog enough room to work in for the fence line. ¬†Shawn was meticulous about putting this fence up. ¬†He did all his homework, researched, watched videos, looked at other peoples fences… and it turned out amazing! ¬†Best looking fence I’ve seen around here!


For all the large bracing posts, he used the auger on the tractor. ¬†It really saved his back. ¬†The clay here is hard. ¬†I remember him saying to me as he put in the 20th brace post “if I was doing this by hand, this might be the 2nd post!”


The posts really did take some time to put in.  He measured and leveled each one so the fence lined up straight as could be.


This was the first corner to be finished.  And the first gate to go in!


The second of 5 corners.   He would get a corner done in an evening after work before he lost daylight.


Pounding in all the t-posts between the corners and bracing was hard work.  Thankfully he had some help with these.


My boys were both home one weekend to help with 1/2 of them.




And one weekend my sister’s family was visiting, so my brother-in-law¬†helped Shawn & Hunter finish up the t-posts and one more section of bracing.


Rolling out the fence and pulling it tight was much easier than I thought it would be. ¬†We’d roll it out, and Shawn would cinch it tight with a couple come-alongs, then I would attach it to the t-posts with the clips. ¬†I couldn’t work the clips with gloves on, so my hands were pretty tore up, but I’m kind of proud of my farm hands these days.

I’m so proud of the work by all on this project… ¬†Next up: The Goat Shed




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2 thoughts on “The Goat Fence

  • Becki - Timberland Farm Organics

    “Country isn’t cowboy boots & daisy dukes… It’s a farmers tan and calloused hands” – Earl Dibbles jr.

    • The Happy Wife Post author

      Ha Ha…. well, I do love my boots, but you won’t catch me in daisy dukes any time soon. Hunter was pretty proud of his farmer tan he got working out here last month! My hands are healing up. Just in time to build something else. ūüôā