Here at Happy Wife Farm we raise Angora fiber goats. Our goats are colored angoras, most registered with Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association (CAGBA). The breed is a medium sized breed that is extremely docile and friendly. Because of their fiber, they do require more maintenance and therefore are not often kept as pets, and while they do love to browse, their fiber can become tangled in brush so they are not kept as brush goats either.

Angora’s hair grows about an inch per month. Because of this, the Angora goat is called the most efficient fiber producer on earth. We shear our goats
twice a year to keep them healthy and their locks clean and useful. Our goats enjoy being shorn and feel much cooler after we are done.

A fleece has an average 6 inch staple, or unstretched lock, length from base to tip. Each shearing yields upwards of 5 pounds of mohair per adult goat.

Mohair is considered a luxury fiber. It adds strength, beauty and warmth to any item without the weight of wool. It has a lovely drape and does not pill when fibers are short. While its chemical composition is similar to wool, mohair’s surface structure is different. It is smooth vs scaly, making it less scratchy but also less likely to hold a desired shape, so it is often blended with wool or silk to prevent garments from stretching out.  For items worn next to skin like a hat or scarf, it makes a wonderfully soft garment.

Mohair is incredibly…

  • Shiny – wonderful luster, almost metallic at times, with qualities similar to silk. It is often used as doll hair.
  • Strong – greater tensile strength than steel of the same diameter
  • Dyeable – absorbs color extremely well.
  • Flame-retardant – was used for soldiers’ uniforms in WWII
  • Moisture-wicking – wicks moisture away from skin
  • Durable – does not mold or mildew, lasts for many years