The Guineas & Chickens

We’ve recently added guinea fowl and chickens to our farm.  We’ve wanted chickens for quite some time to have fresh eggs.  I had never heard of a guinea until about 6 months ago when I was complaining about the bugs here and someone told me that guineas eat bugs!  SOLD!  Ours are still very young – we got them as day old keets and it’s been so much fun watching them grow.

Our first chickens are golden laced wyandottes.  We bought them from a good friend who hatched them.  They are beautiful birds, and adorable chicks!!  A few months later we added some other breeds to the flock from McMurray hatchery.  We now have a mix of golden laced wyandottes, silver laced wyandottes, red star and black star sex links, brown leghorns, and easter eggers.  They have all been wonderful birds and get along wonderfully.  We will start hatching our own chicks now that we have our starter flock, and are excited to grow the flock.