Prepping the Garden

In my previous post,  I shared my plans for the garden and chicken coop/run.  Well, the weather has been amazing this week.  I am pretty certain that we have no more cold weather in our future until next Winter.  Trees are all budding and blooming like crazy around the farm, and the bees are swarming to pollenate!  The couple who lived here prior to us did an amazing job at landscaping around the house with flowering trees of all sorts.   Many of them are aromatic too, and I’m constantly getting a whiff of something blooming when I’m outside.

My seedling starts are also doing amazing, and I plan to get them into the ground in the next few days!  There are a few that could stand to grow a bit more before transplanting, but the rest will hit the dirt tomorrow or Monday.

IMG_5393 IMG_5395 IMG_5404

So today I spent the day prepping the garden for planting.  I don’t know if I mentioned it in any previous posts, but I am using the Back to Eden method for the garden.  I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, but I have faith that it will provide what I need it to.    This is what I had to work with…  This is actually not as bad as it got – this was the photo I took back in August, and I wasn’t able to get in to pull weeds until after winter because there were a bunch of paper wasp nests in there.  🙁


The first week of January I scored a couple of free truck loads of wood chips from Good Samaritan Services.  I spent a couple of days laying paper down, then covering it with about 4″ of wood chips.  There were still quite a few weeds and grass that I hadn’t pulled, but I just hoped that the paper, chips, and Winter would kill them.  This is the photo I took after I pulled weeds for 2 days straight!  As you can see, it still wasn’t clean.


Today I went out to rake back the rows of chips where I’ll be planting.  I was very happy to see there were no weeds, and no grass!  Yay!!  And the dirt underneath was loose and moist.  The bottom inch or so of the chips were already starting to decompose.  I’m really very excited about this. This was in only about 70 days time!  I’m already planning for the new garden area as soon as the chicken coop is done!  Once the seedlings are established, I’ll move the chips back around them to maintain the moisture and keep the weeds out.


You can see a few things along the one side in the photo above?  Those are some starts that my friend from The Old Five Notch Farm gave me.  When my greenhouse blew apart in the freaky wind storm a few weeks ago, I stuck them in the ground real quick.  No hardening, and a few frosts later, I still have some cauliflower and broccoli!!  I was worried I would lose them, but I think the wood chips helped keep them warm in the frost.


Tomorrow I need to go get some materials for trellises for the beans and Cucamelons, but that’s about it.  I think I am most excited about growing Cucamelons!  I look forward to sharing the progress of the garden with y’all as things grow.   I’m also anxious to get my fig tree in the ground.  It’s already budding with new leaves, and I’ve read that fig trees grow very quickly.  Today he got his first big-boy leaf.  ha ha.   I bought a Chicago Hardy variety so I don’t have to worry about it at all in the Winter.


Do you garden?  Tell me what you’re most excited to plant this year!

p.s. I have no idea why some of the photos are upside down when you enlarge them…. Hmmm….








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