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Good Morning!  It’s a beautiful morning here.  I love spending my mornings with the animals before it gets hot out.  They’re all so playful and entertaining.  This morning I spent a few minutes gathering some of the sticks that Hank has collected.  These are just from the small area up by the gate.  I can only guess how many are laying around in the pasture.  That poor Kong chew toy doesn’t get much love.  Who needs toys when you can chew up trees?!


Hanks stick collection

Hank refused to look at me for the picture.  I kept asking him if they were his sticks.  He looks guilty to me, don’t you think?  Poor Hank, the stick hoarder.


Sticks….What Sticks?!?

Hattie is more interested in how many head rubs she can get.   I have taught them both to sit when ever they want pet.  I did this from day one as I did not want them jumping on anyone with their size.  Now they will both come to me and sit and just look up demanding to be rubbed.  Seriously…how can I resist?


I love you Mommy!

Darcy and Heidi are exceptionally friendly this week.  Maybe it’s because they are in heat.   They just want so much attention.  They are fascinated with the camera – which makes for great goat selfies!


Darcy & Heidi take goat selfies

Heidi loves her hugs.  She will rest her head on my chest or thigh (depending on where she’s standing) and just nuzzle up to me while I rub her neck and scratch behind her ears.  She’s such a cuddly goat.


Hugs from Heidi

Here she is demanding that I pet her!  Oh Heidi… no need to yell!


I am Heidi….Hear me Roar!

Pecans are getting ready to fall!  A few trees are already starting to drop.  I’m picking them as fast as I can, trying to beat the crows!  The other day I picked up a “few” …about 40 pounds worth.   I can’t even begin to guess how many pounds we’ll end up with.  We have about 100 20-year old trees in the orchard.  Any guesses?  I’m guessing it will be in the thousands.



Guess what?!  I am now a Grower for Augusta Locally Grown!  This means if you are in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) and would like to purchase my pecans, you have the option to purchase through ALG.  If you aren’t familiar with ALG, I highly recommend checking them out.  You can make purchases from many of the local farmers all at once!


I know I keep saying it…but I hope to get better about posting more often.

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