Chickens, Sprouts & Cards

The little chicks are growing so quickly.  I am always amazed at how fast chickens grow.  It’s hard to believe that just 6 weeks ago they were itty bitty chicks.  Of the 17, I believe this white and red one is my only rooster.  He (or she) is a Red Star.  The other one is an Easter Egger and will lay blue eggs.  Her colors are so pretty right now.  I am excited to see how they all feather out.


This lovely lady is the friendliest of the bunch.  She’s a Brown Leghorn.  I have 4 of them, but this gal has more red to her than the others, and a red tinted beak.  I call her “Ginger”.  She loves to be picked up, and is perfectly content hanging out on my shoulder as I walk around.


When I enter their run, she comes right to me and wants to jump up on my arm and have me stroke her back.


This gal is almost as friendly as Ginger.  She’s a Black Star, and while she may have a grumpy face here I assure you she is very sweet.  I call her “Pepper”.  I haven’t named all the chickens.  Yet.  These are all layers, not meat birds, so I’ll have them for quite some time I hope.


One of the things I’ve been experimenting with is sprouting seeds for them (and for me).  Sprouts are full of nutrients and oh so easy to grow.  These are just some black oil sunflower seeds I bought for the goats.  I soaked them for a day, and now just rinse them daily as they grow.  This is a couple days of growth.  By about 10 days they should be big enough to eat!



I will probably start doing more of these during the winter when there isn’t as much green for the birds to eat outside.  They go crazy for these!!


I’ve been getting back to my crafting and making cards.  One of my favorite stamp companies, Sugar Pea Designs, released some great new farm stamps that I just love to color and create with.  I’ve started selling my cards on Etsy if you want to take a look.



I’m glad it’s Friday – I’m ready for the weekend.  No big plans around here this weekend, just getting caught up around the farm.  Our weather has finally started to cool off a bit and I’ve had the windows open all morning getting that fresh air in the house.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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