Our little paradise of 35 acres includes an orchard of about 100 mature pecan trees, a large pond with fish and a handful of fruit trees.  We have grown the farm to include a high tunnel for year-round growing, guinea fowl and chickens, and a barn and multiple pastures for our angora fiber goats, finn sheep and shetland sheep.

We enjoy learning and sharing with others.  We try to help bring our community and farmers together in any way we can.   We manage a Google Map with lots of farms, markets, nurseries, and feed shops in our area.  We participate in farmers markets.   And we love to host workshops here at the farm.  If there is something farm related you are interested in, let us know – if we don’t offer it at our farm, we can probably recommend a local farm to get in touch with.

Our future goal is to create a farm that will continue to provide when we are gone.  We use organic methods and consider long term impacts on the land when building and planting.  This often means a lot more work on our part, but we feel good about it in our hearts.  We’ve learned that farming relies a lot on faith.  We plan for the worst and pray for the best.  And even when bad things happen, there is usually a way to use it to the advantage of the farm and the community.  Always looking for the positive.