I love to see new growth, and after living in the desert for a decade I’m excited to plant, grow, eat and share my own food here on the farm.   We were lucky enough to purchase a property that was well cared for and already had some established and mature plants.   When we got here… an orchard of pecan trees, 3 mature pear trees, an apple tree, some saplings of peach trees and a cherry tree, and a large blueberry bush.  I also discovered a blackberry patch back near the woods.

2016 we had our first garden and with  beans, lettuce, radishes, tomatoes, zuchinni, watermelon, cucumbers and kale.  We enjoyed finding our green thumbs and getting dirty learning about gardening.

New additions to the orchard include 5 fig trees, nectarine, pomegranate, elderberry, goji berry, ogeechee lime (tupelo), gala and golden delicious apples, and sour and sweet cherries.

2017 we outgrew our small garden plot, so it was converted to an extended chicken run and we tilled up a  new 3000 square foot plot for the spring garden.  We also plan to grow a plot of corn for ourselves, market, and four our animals.  And I also plan to plant lots of sunflowers in the back yard.  We are pursuing our Organic certification this year as well.

We grow using organic and natural methods, without pesticides and chemicals.  Our goal is to improve the soil with rotational crops, cover cropping, and using our animals to help with fertilization.  This also often means picking weeds by hand and finding natural ways to control bug populations.  Our guineas and chickens sure help with that!