The Goats

We really didn’t plan to get goats our first year here; however, when my friends goats had their babies and I got to help deliver – I couldn’t resist.  So we bumped up the schedule quickly to build the fences and barns to accommodate the new additions.  We have a small variety of breeds, all known as wonderful milk producers.





Heidi: Doe.  Sweet little girl who craves attention.  Her mom, Moo, was Saanen and dad was Lamancha.  Her and Darcy are sisters. (March 2016)


Darcy: Doe. When she was very young, she was always finding herself in crazy situations – horns stuck in a fence, head in a name it.  She’s become a bit shy since her move to the farm but I’m hoping she comes back out of her shell as she adjusts here. Her mom, Moo, was Saanen and dad was Lamancha.  Her and Heidi are sisters. (March 2016)

gini copy

Gini: Doe.  Gini was a new addition to the farm in October 2016 so that we could bring in some Nigerian Dwarf lines to the milk production.  She is a full Nigerian Dwarf from the Family Tree Farm. (Sept 2016)


Bunny: Doe.  Bunny was an unplanned purchase – when we went to pick up Gini, I fell in love with Bunny and decided that Gini needed a friend.  So,  we decided to also add a Nubian to the happy goat family. (Sept 2016)