The Dogs

Dixie – a young rescue dog.  Best guess is that she is McNab shepherd.  Though on occasion we see a little pitbull in her eyebrows.  Regardless, she is the sweetest dog that has ever come into our lives and will likely be an awesome herding dog.  She can herd her little sister all day long, and attempts to herd the cats until they let her know who really is boss.  She’s a petite 40lbs full grown, and has the muscular but thin build of a greyhound, and can run as fast as one!  She is gentle with the animals – the chickens can walk all over her, but she will chase off an intruder with a growl and a bark that would scare a bear!


Dallas – another young rescue dog.  We think she’s probably part Beagle and part Rat Terrier.  She’s too smart for her own good and has selective hearing.  She’s come a long way in training and is a total lover, but will chase anything she can set her eyes on!