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Has it really been 2 months since  I blogged?! So much has happened during that time.  It’s been busy busy busy here at the farm, and looks like we’ll be staying pretty busy for a while.  I can see this post getting very long, so I’m just going to give a quick update on everything and then I’ll try to post more on each topic in the coming days.

The kids are growing like weeds.  The goats that is.  They are eating grain and browsing at Hard Earth Farm with their mamas as we get our pasture and shelter built for them to live here at Happy Wife Farm.


Luke – such a mamas boy still.


Sweet Benji – he’s so big!


Heidi eating her pine

Our fence is going up…and almost done!  Hope to complete it this weekend while my boys are both home visiting.  Then we build a small shelter for them to use until the barn is built.  That will likely be a Fall/Winter project when the heat lets up.

The Gate!

I was so thrilled when the gate went in!!

Houston, Shawn & Hunter driving T-Posts

Houston, Shawn & Hunter driving T-Posts


The boys and I after attaching t-post clips


How we really felt about working out in the heat!

We’ve added 7 guinea fowl to our happy farm.  They are now almost 3 weeks old and also growing like little weeds.  I had them in a steel tub brooder, but they grew so fast I wanted them to have room to stretch their wings.  So, the boys built them a taller brooder box and they love it!


Day old baby guineas (keets). So fluffy!


Hunter working to tame the keets


A week old, flying up to eat out of my hand already!


My boys building a new brooder


You know I had to take this picture!! 🙂


They did a great job building this!

We are also adding 2 Livestock Guardian Dogs to the farm!  They will come to live with us in early July.  Right now they are still nursing and learning from their parents on the Urbanna Farm.  They are two beautiful Great Pyrenees pups that we’ve named Hattie & Hank.


Hattie (girl)


Hank (boy)

My youngest son is home visiting from Arizona for June, and my oldest has made it home from Florida for 2 long weekends as well this month….so I’m spending as much time with them as I can.  We’ve found a couple of good frozen yogurt places!


Me & Hunter eating froyo… yes, I cut off ALL my hair!


Houston, Shawn & I eating YoYo FroYo

The garden is doing amazing!  I’m so blessed that my first year in the garden has been so productive.  We’ve been eating tomatoes, squash, zucchini, lettuce, kale, beans, radishes, carrots, cucumbers and lots of basil fresh from the garden.  The blackberries and blueberries are also beginning to ripen like crazy and I’ve been picking berries as often as I can.  For now I’ve been freezing the blackberries and I made blueberry syrup…but I need to learn how to can quickly!!


Garden is growing!!


Carrots, peppers and tomatoes…YUM


Squash & Cucumbers!

Well…that’s it for now.  I’ll try to be better at updates, and share more details on everything soon!


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3 thoughts on “While I wasn’t blogging

  • Mary-Jane

    Wow! Everything is coming right along at the Happy Wife Farm! So exciting to see your dream come true. Looking forward to reading about the progress and meeting everyone on the farm.

  • Bess

    So freaking awesome Jami! Just love how much fun you’re having at Happy Wife Farm! Thank you for sharing so that we get to enjoy it with you from a distance!!! You’re living one of my dreams, and I just love seeing it unfold for you! Woohooo!!!

  • Kat Robey

    I love reading your posts and seeing all the fun and productivity!! So happy to hear all the catch-up!! Love you! You’re inspiring!