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When I was helping my friend Pam at Hard Earth Farm make a batch of goats milk soap a couple months ago, I noticed some jars of oils and herbs in her soap room.  She explained to me that you could infuse herbs into the oil just by letting them soak for a couple of months.  I immediately came home a grabbed a bunch of rosemary from the big bush outside, washed it off and filled a jar with rosemary and olive oil.  Then I let it sit for 2 months in the pantry.  I would take it out of the pantry every week or so and shake it up a little and marvel at how it was changing color.

This morning, I strained it into my olive oil jar!!  You can see the jar with rosemary and the olive oil jar in the photo below.


I could not believe how amazing it smelled!  And taste?  You wouldn’t believe how much rosemary you can taste in this!  I dipped a ritz cracker in it to taste, and WOW!  The flavor is intense!!   I can’t wait to use it on roasted veggies, or cooking up chicken!  Check out the picture below.  The middle jar (yes, that’s an old Frank’s Red Hot bottle – perfect for oils and vinegars!!) had the plain olive oil in it.  Look at that difference in the color!!!


As I was in my pantry, I saw my little mason jars with sunflower seeds, pepitos and chia, and I thought I’d share a trick with you.  The lids from parmesan cheese fit perfectly onto mason jars!!  I love them for small seeds that I like to sprinkle into smoothies or onto salads!


When I went to grab the seed jars to take the picture, I accidentally grabbed the peanut butter jar with the green lid.  When I did, I wondered if that lid would fit as well.  Guess what?  Plastic peanut butter jar lids also fit on mason jars!!  Well, at least these two brands did.  So many of my mason jars, OK, ALL of my mason jars are recycled.  Either from canned food I’ve purchased or from some type of sauce I’ve bought at the store.  So, the metal lids that come with them aren’t always the easiest to clean up and reuse.  Problem solved, and  I don’t have to go buy new lids!!


Do you have any fun tricks for reusing mason jars?

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4 thoughts on “Infused with Flavor

  • Rebecca

    Mm….looks yummy! I’ll have to try this! Let me know if you try it with thyme… And how it turns out! I’ve only thrown vanilla into cheap vodka. Let sit for a while, and get vanilla extract! Think that would work with the herbs? And if it did, would they be good for flavoring or just for medicinal? If anyone knows, please pass it on!

    • The Happy Wife Post author

      Oh, I wonder… I might need to research this a bit. Heck, maybe I’ll just try it and see what happens. I wish olive oil was cheaper, I’d try every herb in the garden…maybe some mixes… maybe I just need to do a bunch of itty bitty jars to try many different kinds. I have no shortage of jars!!

  • Andi M.

    Dang it, now I have to go get a jar and put some rosemary and olive oil in it. I also have an assload of pineapple sage that I should do something with.

    How are the pears coming?

    • The Happy Wife Post author

      Pineapple sage? That sounds interesting…I’m not sure I’ve ever had that. I’m learning a lot about herbs. I’d love to have a few large herb gardens. I’m also learning that most of the “weeds” in my yard have medicinal (or food) value as well. I stumbled on this site while I was purchasing seeds for the garden and find it extremely useful! Pears are doing great – the one large tree is absolutely covered…there must be hundreds if not thousands of them! We are going to be busy! AND my little baby peach trees have baby peaches on them! It’s very exciting!