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Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Years. I’m feeling the need to write again. I think I quit blogging when the Facebook page took over. And Instagram. It was easier to post a photo with a sentence or two than to write anything substantial. I’ve never been one to write lengthy posts. I personally lose interest in most long blog posts, so I assume others do as well. However, there are many things that are just too difficult to adequately share on a social media post.

Spring and summer are busy times here. We’ve been fighting very hot and humid days. We installed ceiling fans in the barn. Yes, my animals are spoiled, but they are just as much for me as for them. The only angora goat kid this year was Hank (above with his mom). He was born on Easter Sunday and we adore him. He has beautiful locks like his Dad, and Indigo has been an amazing Mom. The 3 older angora boys were wethered, and we don’t plan on breeding any more goats. We’ve decided to focus our fiber efforts on wool.

This year we also added sheep to our farm. I have come to love working with fiber, and I also love the sweet personalities of sheep. I find them to be much more docile (and less destructive) than the goats. We currently have two Finn crosses (the large girls) and 5 little Shetlands.

Last weekend I had a personal sheep shearing lesson. None of my sheep will be ready to shear until Spring, but we did a few “dry runs” so I could go through the motions and learn how to hold them, and the process/order to shear off the fleece. I definitely feel prepared for Spring shearing. It was so informative. Just learning how to lay them down easily and hold them has already proven to be helpful for picking off a few sand burrs.

We’ve had a good amount of rain this year, which means a lot of mowing and trimming and pruning. It also means things are growing and producing in abundance. The pecans are coming in great – I’m looking forward to our first pecan picking event! The summer garden in the tunnel is done and I’ve been busy canning, dehydrating, and making salsa from all the tomatoes. The pumpkin patch and sweet potatoes are coming in nicely too.

Well, in an effort to keep this post short, I’ll stop here. I have lots more to write and share, but will save it for another post. Thanks for stopping by. Please leave a comment and let me know you were here!


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