A day on the farm 2


It was a gorgeous day today.  The type of day that you want to spend outside in it’s entirety!  I spent the morning at Hard Earth  Farm.   I always love my time spent there – it makes me feel very connected with the land and the animals.  I’m so grateful to Pam for sharing this amazing place with me, and teaching me so much!  The sheep were especially social this morning.  They must be enjoying the Spring weather as well.


Yesterday Holly had her babies!  She had triplets.  I missed the whole thing because I didn’t have my phone with me in the garden yesterday morning.  But I got to play with them today.  And I’m totally head over heals in love with this little boy.  He is super friendly and let me hold him and pet him for quite a long time.  And guess what?!  He is going to be my first goat!!  When he’s ready to be weened from his mama, he’ll come to live at Happy Wife Farm!  


I’ve named him Mohan.  It’s a Hindi name meaning charming and lovable.  It’s after the Lord Krishna.   I promised my daughter in law, Krishnaa, that I would name my first goat after her.  I think this is a very fitting name.   Look at that sweet face.  He’s a Lamancha goat, which is why he has the tiny elf type ears.


When I got home from Hard Earth Farm, I took the dogs out to run and play.  They ran off into the fields behind the house, and Dallas ever so proudly returned with a big ol’ rat for me.  Happy Husband and I have been trying to figure out just what type of dog she is.  Well, I think she most definitely has Rat Terrier in her!!  Looks like my cats aren’t the only hunters on the farm.  Between Dallas and the cats, the farm should be rodent free!


Dallas posing with her kill…  it’s in the shadows there in front of her.


I also went out and took a peak at the garden.  I think I’ll be planting most of my starts tonight when it cools off so they aren’t as shocked.  But I direct sowed a bunch of peas not even a week ago.  They are all sprouting up!  Yay!!  I’ll have to thin them  out – the seeds were from 2015, so I sowed heavy in case some didn’t germinate.


As I walked around the back yard, I noticed this lovely butterfly on the bradford pear tree.  Yes…I took too many pictures of it.  I’m only sharing a portion of them.  It was just so beautiful and perfect.





That about wraps up my day.  Off to make dinner, then start planting!!




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2 thoughts on “A day on the farm

  • Andi M.

    YOU GOT ME A GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I am coming back next month to see him! And I never thin anything, George has to do it when I am not looking.

    • The Happy Wife Post author

      I can’t wait to get the goats! It will be about 4 months before they are ready to be weened from their mama. I plan on getting a couple of girls too so that in the future I can have more babies and milk them!! 🙂

      I got all my beans and cucumbers in the ground tonight. Along with the basil, oregano and catnip in the herb garden.